Born in 1994, Ariel Shea is a self-taught visual artist. Ariel grew up in Barrie, Ontario, then at the age of 18, she moved to Montreal to pursue her art career. It is there that Ariel learned to paint using oil paints, primarily on canvas, silk, and linen. She paints abstract expressionist landscapes and natural forms, incorporating figurative undertones. Ariel has shown throughout the city of Montreal in galleries such as Erga, Yellowfish, and Centerfold. She had her first international show in Naples, Italy, in the winter of 2019 and has sold artworks across North America. Ariel has also curated several art shows in Montreal. After 6 years of self-training, she has decided to pursue her BFA in 2021. Here she hopes to refine her style, learn new techniques, and mediums.

Artist Statement

As an intuitive painter, my work is centered around my internal dialogue and is self-referential. Thoughts, emotions, and nostalgic notions are the basis for my paintings. I saturate the canvas with thick oil paints, exploring verdant color palettes and figurative forms, which are often reminiscent of abstracted landscapes. My expressionist paintings explore the capability of expressing one's self through the elements of abstraction, in particular, color, which I use to articulate emotion. My self-taught practice defines the visceral nature of my work with an air of naivety. My paintings are ripe with motifs, inviting interpretation. Symbols and motifs aid in my connection with viewers, creating a unique emotional response. They are the voice of my work, speaking louder than words.

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